Pym Merchandise
All merchandise with the exception of No Soft Incense can only be shipped within the U.S.A.

Barbara Pym Society mugs
11 oz. ceramic mug with the Barbara Pym Society's "Cat & Teapot" 
logo, $8 plus $6 S&H

                                     Pym Tea Towels
                                     Beautiful 100% linen tea towel, 28" x 18.5",
                                             with the Barbara Pym Society's "Cat &
                                     Teapot" logo, $10 plus $4 S&H

                                 Pym pottery: We have a variety of hand-thrown, hand-glazed Barbara Pym Society
                                 stoneware from Massachusetts potter Diana Spiller available for purchase, including mugs,
                                 teabag holders, small octagonal dishes, coasters, and spoon rests in a variety of colors.
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Barbara in the Bodleian: Revelations from the Pym Archives, by Yvonne Cocking (2013) 262 pp.  This new publication by Yvonne Cocking, longtime archivist of the Barbara Pym Society and a former co-worker of Pym's, is based on twelve years of research in the Pym archives in the Bodleian Library. The book includes previously unpublished excerpts from Pym's diaries and notebooks plus correspondence and reviews. $19 postpaid. ORDER

No Soft Incense: Barbara Pym and the Church, edited by Hazel K. Bell (2004) 115 pp.  A collection of thirteen essays, most of them originally presented at Society conferences, with a foreword by James Runcie, writer, film-maker (Miss Pym's Day Out) and son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury. $14 postpaid.  ORDER

The Pymnal, compiled by Tom Sopko (2010) 28 pp.  Barbara Pym's novels, from her first to her last, are full of quotes from and allusions to hymns, some humorous, some poetic, and some poignant.  This booklet collects the hymnodic references from Pym's novels and journals and also provides the texts of the corresponding hymns, some of which do not appear in modern hymnals. $5 postpaid. ORDER