Annual General Meetings and Conferences
St Hilda's College, Oxford
1986 Barbara Pym: Her Life and Work
Victoria Glendinning, Hilary Spurlimg, Edwin Ardener, Hilary Pym Walton, Hazel Holt

1993 Barbara Pym Literary Weekend (followed by Radio 4 broadcast, A Very Suitable Occasion)
Hilary Pym Walton, Henry Harvey, Hazel Holt, Lyndall Gordon, Margaret Rayner, Barbara Everett, Peter Lloyd, Robert Smith

1994 Barbara Pym Society Inaugural Dinner and first Annual General Meeting

1995 Fashion in Pym’s Novels
Triona Adams, Lesley Balazs, Ellie Clewlow

1996Barbara Pym and the Church
          David Cockerell, Triona Adams, Edith Coulter, Jean Matthews, Annette Farrer, Charles Burkhart, Hilary Pym Walton,
                    Kate Charles, Joy Grant

January 1998:  Barbara a la mode (Food in the novels)
  Amy Myers, Margaret Rayner, Nancy Talburt, Hilary Pym Walton

1998 Excellent Women
  Kathy Ackley, Ellen Miller, Barbara Everett, Susan Jones

1999 Quartet in Autumn
  John Bayley, Lesley Grant Adamson, Barbara Everett

2000 Barbara Pym, Libraries and Librarians
Angela Carritt, Nicholas Bennett, Phil Bacon, Barbara Levick, Helen Taylor, Yvonne Cocking

2001 Some Tame Gazelle
Yvonne Cocking, Frauke Lenckos, Hilary Walton, Nicholas Bennett, Robin Joyce, Eileen Roberts

2002 Unexcellent Men
  Patricia Shaw (paper read), Nancy Talburt, Triona Adams, Hazel Bell, Bridget Guymer

2003 Less than Angels
Yvonne Cocking, Peter Lloyd (paper read), Robin Joyce, P. D. James

2004 Mothers and Other Relatives
Kathy Ackley, Maggie Lane, Patricia McErlain, Clemence Schulze , Triona Adams

2005 An Unsuitable Attachment
Eleonore Biber, Robin Joyce, Eileen Roberts, Michael Collard

2006 Barbara Pym in London
Janice Rossen, Barbara Dunlap, Jean Harker, Tim Burnett

2007The Sweet Dove Died
Yvonne Cocking, Stephanie Kay, Margaret Kean, Isabel Stanley

2008Under the Influence: Authors Barbara Admired
Julia Courtney, Eleonore Biber, David Fuller, Janice Rossen

2009An Academic Question
Robin Joyce, Jane Potter, Margaret Rayner, Alex Ward, Jean Harker, Clemence Schultze, Deb Fisher, Triona Adams

2010Barbara Pym and Romance
Barbara Everett, Daphne Wright, Jean Buchanan Harker, Yvonne Cocking, Miriam Margolyes

2011Crampton Hodnet
Kathy Ackley, Eleonore Biber, Tim Burnett, Chris Rutherford, Yvonne Cocking

2012Barbara Pym and Gardens
Elizabeth Buchan, Tom Sopko, Roger Phillips, Margaret Rayner

2013Remembering Barbara (Pym Centenary Conference)
Alison Felstead, Catriona Cannon, Laura Shapiro, Linda McDougall, Paul Binding

2014A Glass of Blessings
                   Yvonne Cocking, Maggie Lane, Libby Tempest, Nick Turner, Fr. Colin Oxenforth, Arthur Bostrom

2015        Partners in Pym
                    Yvonne Cocking, Clare Coombe, Deb Fisher, Julie Gittoes, Catriona Cannon, Isabel Stanley

2016        A Tribute to Hazel Holt
                     Yvonne Cocking (paper read), Clemence Schultze, Linda McDougall, Jan Fergus (paper read)

2017        No Fond Return of Love
Sandra Goldstein, Fr. Colin Oxenforth, Yvonne Cocking, Emily Stockard

2018Food & Drink in the World of Barbara Pym